Bose Headphones and Why They Reign Supreme

Within the audiophile community, it is considered laughable to think that Bose is the best speaker manufacturer on the market. In forums, you’ll see the joke that BOSE stands for “Buy Other Stereo Equipment” ad nauseam. And for the most part, I agree. If I were in the market for a surround sound home theater system or stereo for my room, I’d piece together components from different reputable manufacturers for a fraction of the price that Bose would charge for one of their flagship systems. However, in the world of headphones, specifically noise-canceling headphones, Bose Headphones reign supreme and are worth the price.

Why Bose Headphones Top the Noise-Cancelling Category

I’ve written elsewhere, how buying noise cancelling headphones saved my sanity. And it’s true. I worked in a noise office with a CEO that insisted on having the overhead speakers always tuned to a pop music radio station that repeated the same 5 songs over and over again to create a “hip” atmosphere. I almost quit on the spot when he wouldn’t change the policy, until I ponied up the money for a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15s. Popping in a AAA battery and flicking the switch was heavenly. A cone of silence surrounded my skull and my productivity shot up.

bose headphones

The headphones that saved my sanity.

But what about other brands of noise-cancelling headphones? Surely, Bose headphones aren’t the only brand with this great technology? That’s true, Sennheiser, Beats, Sony, and many other brands of headphones boast of “noise cancellation”.

However, one nuance in the marketing language tricks a lot of people, and that’s “passive noise cancellation”. If you see the word “passive”, it means that the headphones being physically over your ear canal is suppose to equate to some sort of magical noise cancellation feature. Lame, huh?

Active noise cancellation is what you want. This is an electronically produced silent “noise” that blocks external ambient  noise. And this feature is what Bose headphones do better than the competitors. The noise cancellation is simply way more effective with Bose technology versus its imitators.

This isn’t just some rogue opinion, too. The Wire Cutter, an industry-respected product review page agreed after testing all of the most popular models, that Bose was the best. Specifically, the newer wired Bose QC 25 model.

So if you’re debating on the brand for your next pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Just trust me: go with Bose.




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