Sennheiser – An Underrated Brand of Headphones

Sennheiser is a well known brand in the audio equipment world, however it isn’t a very trendy brand among mainstream consumers. Without the Dr. Dre aura that Beats has, or the premium priced market position secured by Bose, Sennheiser remains a seemingly high priced obscure foreign brand to most casual consumers.

Audiophiles know different, however. Sennheiser does have pricey products, yes. But the quality of their sound, structure of their headphones, and designs easily justify the higher prices in most cases.

Why Sennheiser is an Underrated Brand

First of all, this is a German manufacturer. That should sell you right there. The Germans are known for their precision, high-quality manufacturing. The polar opposite of the Chinese, I might add. Just as BMWs in the auto world are engineered with the highest levels of quality control, this German manufacturer is too.

Sennheiser headphones, in particular, are fantastic. The manufacturer has positioned itself as a premium-priced brand but with the quality to back it up.

They have won the best wired headphones for exercise in a study comparing 84 of the best-reviewed options.

Their over the ear headphones consistently compete against other main brands such as Bose in sound quality, build, and noise cancellation.

Of course, choosing headphones goes beyond just deciding on which brand. Depending on the category of headphones that you need (studio, travel, sport, wired, wireless, earbuds, over the ear headphones, etc.) you will be best served going with the model that has the best value for the price point in that category.

However, don’t overlook Sennheiser just because it is foreign-sounding and expensive compared to trendy and stylish options. The same people that built high-performance cars and the autobahn have figured out audio technology pretty well too.

My favorite pair of Sennheiser headphones are the Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones

With excellent frequency range, lightweight aluminum design, and superb sound quality, these are my go-to pair of over the ear headphones for the studio.

Just look at them…so sweet.


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